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1 balcony consisting of the forward section of a theater mezzanine
2 private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance; "the royal box was empty" [syn: box]

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  1. A booth or stall.
  2. An upscale seating region in a modern concert hall or sports venue, often in the back lower tier, or on a separate tier above the mezzanine.
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    In major league stadiums the press box is usually located between the first and second decks in the loge level.
  3. An exclusive box or seating region in older theaters and opera houses, having wider, softer, and more widely spaced seats than in the gallery.
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    Patte notes that the spectators who were seated there were too close to the action to frame it as real, and that the loges in the avant-scène hampered the effect of the voice.



, from Old Frankish *laubja. The Masonic sense developed under influence from English lodge.




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Loge can refer to:
  • Loge, an invented Germanized name for the god Loki in the operas Das Rheingold and Die Walküre by Richard Wagner and in works derived from them and in commentary on them. The form derives from scholarly speculation that Loki and Logi in Norse mythology may have been identical originally.
  • A Swedish modernization and sometime anglicization of Logi, a personification of fire in Norse mythology and legend, who is discussed in the article Fornjót.
  • Loge, a natural satellite of Saturn.
  • Theater seats at the rear of the main floor of older movie theaters that have wider, softer, and more widely spaced seats, sometimes capable of rocking and often with a greater height difference between rows. Patrons using these seats were usually charged a higher ticket price than the general admission. Also a similarly upscale seating region in a modern concert hall or sports venue. Used as seating sections in places such as Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium in New York; Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Fenway Park and TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts; Jacobs Field in Cleveland; Assembly Hall in Bloomington,Indiana; the George Gershwin Theatre on Broadway in New York City, New York; the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, Ohio; and the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. In stadiums the term may be used to denote the back portion of the lower tier, or a separate tier distinguished from the mezzanine level.

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auditorium, balcony, box, box seat, dress circle, fauteuil, gallery, nigger heaven, orchestra, orchestra circle, paradise, parquet, parquet circle, parterre, peanut gallery, pit, proscenium boxes, stall, standing room, theatre stall
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